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Grape Seed Extract

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Green Sky Biological--One of the world's award-winning Chinese Grape Seed Extract manufacturers, providing 100% natural Grape Seed Extract for different food and pharmaceutical industries. Grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant rich in proanthocyanidins, which play an important role in fighting oxidative stress and promoting cardiovascular health.

Grape seed extract is rich in a variety of nutrients and bioactives and is widely considered an excellent antioxidant supplement. We produce organic extracts in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure high-quality products in compliance with GMP, HACCP, MEDSAFE and EU guidelines.

Over the years, as one of the recognized exporters and suppliers of grape seed extract in China, we have been providing services for plant extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates, and raw materials for health products. You can submit your inquiry or call our expert hotline to discuss further.

Specification ItemDescription
Product NameGrape Seed Extract
CAS Number84929-27-1
AppearanceBrownish-red powder
SourceExtracted from grape seeds
ApplicationsPharmaceuticals, health supplements, cosmetics, etc.
Storage ConditionsStored in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure to sunlight and moisture
PackagingSafe and compliant with transport standards
Supply CapacityCustomized based on demand
Delivery TimeDependent on order volume and destination
PriceBased on specifications and demand
Minimum Order QuantityContact for quotation


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