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Canned Hopped Malt Extract: Convenience and Flavor in Brewing


Canned hopped malt extract is a convenient and popular ingredient used in homebrewing. It combines the benefits of malt extract, which provides fermentable sugars, with the addition of hops, which contribute flavor and aroma to the beer. In this article, we will explore canned hopped malt extract, its advantages, and its role in the brewing process.


What is Canned Hopped Malt Extract?Canned hopped malt extract is a concentrated liquid extract derived from malted grains, typically barley, that has been infused with hops during the production process. The extract contains fermentable sugars and pre-hopped with selected hop varieties, providing both sweetness and hop character to the final beer. This makes it a convenient option for homebrewers who may not have access to fresh hops or prefer a simplified brewing process.

Advantages of Canned Hopped Malt Extract:

  1. Simplified Brewing Process: Using canned hopped malt extract simplifies the brewing process, especially for beginners or those with limited time and resources. The extract eliminates the need for separate malt extract and hop additions, saving time and effort during brewing.

  2. Consistent Flavor: Canned hopped malt extract offers consistent flavor profiles batch after batch, ensuring a predictable outcome in terms of hop character and sweetness. This is beneficial for brewers who aim to replicate specific beer styles or prefer a reliable flavor profile.

  3. Availability of Hop Varieties: Canned hopped malt extract provides access to a wide range of hop varieties, allowing brewers to experiment with different flavor profiles and create diverse beer styles without the need for separate hop additions.

  4. Flexibility: Homebrewers can use canned hopped malt extract as a base for their beer recipes, incorporating additional ingredients such as specialty grains, extra hops, or adjuncts to customize the flavor and aroma according to their preferences.

Brewing with Canned Hopped Malt Extract: Using canned hopped malt extract in the brewing process is straightforward:

  1. Sanitize equipment: Ensure that all brewing equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to prevent contamination.

  2. Boil water: Bring the desired amount of water to a boil in your brew kettle.

  3. Add canned hopped malt extract: Once the water reaches a boil, turn off the heat and carefully add the canned hopped malt extract. Stir well to dissolve the extract and ensure even distribution of the hops.

  4. Boil and cool: Return the mixture to a boil, ensuring that any potential bacteria are killed. Follow the specific instructions provided with the canned hopped malt extract for the recommended boil time. After boiling, cool the mixture to a suitable temperature for fermentation.

  5. Fermentation: Transfer the cooled wort to a fermenter, pitch the appropriate yeast, and maintain fermentation at the recommended temperature range. Follow standard fermentation practices until the desired level of attenuation is reached.

  6. Bottling or kegging: Once fermentation is complete, package the beer into bottles or kegs, carbonate, and allow for proper conditioning before enjoying the final product.

Where to Find Canned Hopped Malt Extract: Canned hopped malt extract can be found at homebrew supply stores, online brewing retailers, and even some general retail stores. Check your local homebrew supply shop or search online for a variety of options and hop profiles that suit your brewing preferences.

In conclusion, canned hopped malt extract offers a convenient solution for homebrewers, combining the advantages of malt extract and pre-hopped flavors. It simplifies the brewing process while providing consistent hop character and sweetness. Consider using canned hopped malt extract to enjoy the brewing experience and create flavorful beers with ease. Happy brewing!

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